Vibrant Living: Colour Schemes for a Maximalist Living Space

If you’re bored with neutral tones and minimalist spaces, then it’s time to perk up your living space with maximalist interiors. Maximalism is all about embracing bold colours, textures, and patterns to create a vibrant, lively atmosphere that truly reflects your personality. The trick to pulling off a successful maximalist decor is to create a cohesive colour scheme that blends harmoniously and doesn’t overwhelm the senses. So, whether you want to add a pop of colour with a few accessories, or go all out with over-the-top decor, here are some colour schemes that can help you achieve a maximalist living space.

Jewel-toned colour scheme:

Jewel tones are rich, intense colours that exude luxury and glamour. You can create a sophisticated environment by incorporating colours like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple. Use jewel-toned hues for your upholstered furniture, velvet throw pillows, or curtains. Consider adding a statement wall with a bold wallpaper print that features a mix of jewel-toned colours. Accessorize the space with metallic accents like gold, silver, or copper for a touch of sparkle.

Earthy colour scheme:

If you prefer a more natural and grounded look, then an earthy, nature-inspired colour scheme may be for you. Colours like terracotta, olive green, beige, and rust are great choices to bring warmth and texture to a space. Consider using natural materials like wood, rattan, woven baskets, and plants to complete the look.

Bold and bright colour scheme:

If you want a maximalist living space that packs a punch, then go for a bold and bright colour scheme. Mix and match various bright hues like fuchsia, orange, lemon yellow, and electric blue to create a playful, eye-catching room. Balance it with neutral-tone furniture pieces to avoid the space feeling overwhelming.

Black and white colour scheme:

A black-and-white colour scheme can bring a level of chicness to your maximalist living space. It’s a timeless colour scheme that never goes out of style, and it provides a canvas for colourful decor and patterns to shine. Add pops of vibrant colours through accessories like scatter cushions, artworks, and rugs to prevent it from looking too monochromatic.

Geometric colour scheme:

If you want a modern, fresh approach to maximalist interiors, then go for a Geometric colour scheme. Incorporate colourful, bold lines of geometric shapes into your living space. Consider adding wallpaper or coloured walls in patterns that are complimentary and playful. Create an artful collection on the living space wall, with symmetrical, discerning pieces placed in the colourway to make your space more substantial and punctuate the design.

Maximalist decor offers a chance to let your personality shine by enhancing vibrant and energetic colours. With the above colours’ schemes, you can create a maximalist living space that you can be thrilled to call your own. Remember, the key is to find balance when working with bold colours and patterns so that the final product is cohesive, vibrant, and harmonious. Get playful! Start transforming your space to reflect your personality today.